Wander Through My Week #9

Hey! Hope everyone has had a great week. Mine has been pretty busy but there’s been a lot of delicious food consumed (I really need to get to the gym!) so it’s not all doom and gloom! Speaking of doom and gloom…the weather has been awful. I don’t know what it is like anywhere else but it feels like it has been raining constantly. There have ‘sunshine moments’ but it feels like they have been few and far between. It’s time like these that I really miss Lanzarote!

Afternoon Tea

Today (yep, that’s how recently this happened!) I went to Cranachan in Glasgow with one of my close friends. We haven’t had a proper catch up in a while (and believe me, a lot has happened!) so it was lovely to go back to one our favourite places. My friend loves beauty products as much as I do so naturally, we were talking about our latest purchases as we enjoyed our tea and cake….bliss! Managed to avoid going into Space NK (which was difficult!) but afterwards we had a little wander into River Island, Topshop and Oasis. I’ve got some nights out coming up soon so I NEED new clothes!*
Delicious Desserts

On Saturday, I met up with another friend for dinner and a few drinks. We decided to go to Cafe Andaluz in Glasgow’s West End which is one of my favourite tapas restaurants. The highlight of the meal was the desserts though which we decided to share. The Crème Brulee was so yummy and the meringue was crunchy but chewy on the inside. We had a good chat about guys, dating and trying to work out what goes on in their heads (anyone have any ideas?!) Afterwards, we went for a few drinks in a local pub (met some interesting characters, haha) and it was a pretty good night. I was glad to be tucked up in bed just after 1am though!
What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below or you can tweet me@thingsarahloves. Hope you all have a great week coming your way!
*Needing new clothes is the same as wanting new clothes in my book. 

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