Wander Through My Week #1


How are you? Hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter. I’m currently enjoying a quiet Monday dedicated to blogging and I’m planning on being as productive as possible. I haven’t written a Wander Through My Week post for a while because I was considering stopping this series but I actually really miss writing these posts. I really like reading about what everyone else has been up to (because I admit, I’m super nosey) so each Monday’s post is going to be a Wander Through My Week (although this post is really a Wander Through My Week + A Few Days but let’s not dwell on a minor technicality).

Cocktails in Edinburgh


Everyone in the blogging community will know that there are other bloggers you form really close friendships with; one of the best things about blogging! Michelle from Sugardust & Starlight was one of the very first bloggers I chatted to and we’ve been friends ever since (about a year because my blog was  ONE on Friday 25th!). We decided to meet up in Edinburgh for food, cocktails and um..food and cocktails!


And I can confirm: Michelle is as nice in person as she is online! We went to Locanda Di Gusti for dinner which was delicious. I’m always sceptical when a restaurant has nothing but perfect reviews but in this case, they are truly deserved! I’m still dreaming about the dark chocolate pudding…

For cocktails, we went to Browns Edinburgh and I was craving a French Martini. However, when I spotted the Riveting Raspberry on the menu I changed my mind completely: Absolut Raspberri, Chambord and Champagne, what’s not to love?!!

#TBSAtHome Event

IMG_20160328_183604 (1)

I left Edinburgh just before midday as I was attending the #TBSAtHome Event at The Butterfly & the Pig Tea Rooms (I know what you’re thinking, life in the fast lane eh?). The train journey was a nightmare and  combined with ‘female troubles’, I really wasn’t in the mood. I knew it was just the way I was feeling and I’d been looking forward to this event so I was determined to go.


The event itself was great! It was exciting to learn more about having a Body Shop At Home party which is something I’d never really considered (the last home event I went to was in Anne Summers party a decade ago whilst living in student halls) but I love the idea and think it would make the perfect girly night in! Got spoiled with afternoon tea and a bespoke goody bag  filled with products that were suitable for my skin type. I’ve started using some of the products and I’ll definitely report back.

Tea & Cocktails

Anyone that knows me understands my relationship with tea but even I had never considered introducing my teas to cocktails or vice versa. However, at a cocktail masterclass at The Trading House I had my MIND BLOWN!


The first cocktail I made was a Blackcurrant Bramble and although I’m not generally a massive fan of gin, this may be one of the best things I have EVER tasted! Including the blackcurrant loose leaf tea was a stroke of genius and such a pretty garnish. I’m planning to go back soon because I’m really keen to try a Breakfast Tea-Tini and an Earl Grey & Lavender Martini. I’ve not been this excited about cocktails for a long time! Expect a tea themed cocktail post very soon..

No Easter Eggs!

Easter Sunday was pretty uneventful but considering my eye ( I used to call one the good eye and the other the bad, now I’ve just lost track)  has been infected and driving me insane, I was glad to get some peace and quiet. There wasn’t an Easter egg in sight because…I don’t like them!

I love chocolate but even as a child, I turned my nose up at Easter eggs (they would end up gathering dust and going in the bin). The chocolate doesn’t taste the same as it does in bars and yeah, I’m seriously not a fan. I did indulge in one too many Mini Eggs though but ah well, it’s Easter!

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below or you can tweet me @thingsarahloves. Have a great week!







  1. March 28th, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    Aww sorry to hear your eye has been causing you problems! But it sounds like you have had a lot of exciting stuff going on! That cocktail class sounds awesome. Especially the tea themed cocktails! How cool?! Fab post hun, I am glad you continued the series! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    • Sarah Ann
      April 1st, 2016 / 10:32 am

      Hey hun!

      Awww thank you so much for commenting! Always good to hear from you! It was a great week and whenever there is tea and cocktails around, you know I’m going to be there! I’m really pleased you like the series – I’ll definitely keep it up!

      Sarah xx

  2. March 28th, 2016 / 7:10 pm

    Looks like you’ve had a great week! I love cocktails! x

    • Sarah Ann
      April 1st, 2016 / 10:31 am

      Hi Sandra,

      It was a great week! Can’t go wrong with cake and cocktails!

      Sarah xx

  3. March 29th, 2016 / 12:18 pm

    I love your blog header… so cute! I know right, finally someone understands… Easter eggs just aren’t the sort of chocolate I want!
    Aleeha xXx

    • Sarah Ann
      April 1st, 2016 / 10:30 am

      Hi Alesha,

      Agh I KNOW!! The chocolate doesn’t taste the same and I just don’t like them at all. Aww thanks so much, I really like the header too! Took me a long time to decide what I wanted and it’s so pretty!

      Sarah xx

  4. March 29th, 2016 / 6:37 pm

    The food in this post looks so yummy aah lol ♥

    • Sarah Ann
      April 1st, 2016 / 10:29 am

      It was DELICIOUS! Makes me hungry every time I look at the pictures…haha!

      Sarah xx

  5. March 29th, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    what a lovely week. i had a cocktail fuelled week last week to be honest! x

    • Sarah Ann
      April 1st, 2016 / 10:28 am

      Hi Hollie,

      Haha cocktail fuelled weeks are definitely the best! What are your fave cocktails?

      Sarah xx

    • April 4th, 2016 / 2:17 pm

      Hey Sarah Get you, writing a post so good I actually had to share it. I really enjoyed reading this and found it to be both heartwarming and insightful.

      As for my week, onbMonday I went to Cafe Rio and performed a set of my poems at a spoken word night. Tuesday I watched the Leaders Debate, Thursday I went to a writers group and met a friend for a catch up. On Saturday night I was on the poetry trail again, this time at a fundraiser for RISE women’s network where I had a 10 minute set and read five poems. Yesterday I concluded a fairly quiet week by my standards, with church, the minister’s 60th birthday party, blogger chats, and me time.

      Best Wishes

      • Sarah Ann
        April 12th, 2016 / 7:52 pm

        Hi Gayle,

        Thanks so much for your comment and for sharing my post – means a lot to me. How did you get on at the spoken word night? That sounds great, wish I had known about it.


  6. March 30th, 2016 / 8:03 am

    Looks like you enjoyed a lot of cocktails! Atleast you ate loads of mini eggs instead of Easter eggs – everyone needs some chocolate at Easter! Xx

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

    • Sarah Ann
      April 1st, 2016 / 10:27 am

      Hahaha yeah I became too addicted to mini eggs and I think I’ve sickened myself of them, haha!

      Sarah xx

  7. Kay
    March 31st, 2016 / 11:15 am

    Sounds like you had a fab, eventful week hun! So lovely you got to meet up with another blogger, Edinburgh is a lovely city – I visited last year and I’d love to go back, it’s so stunning! <3 So sorry about the eye infection, that must have been awful! Hope you're better now. Kisses. x


    • Sarah Ann
      April 1st, 2016 / 10:27 am

      Hi Kay,

      Thanks so much – I’m getting better! Edinburgh is gorgeous and a city I love visiting so much!

      Sarah xx

  8. March 31st, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    What a lovely pics darling 🙂 I’m sorry for your eye.. ger well soon ! xx


    • Sarah Ann
      April 1st, 2016 / 10:26 am

      Hi Aisha,

      Aww thanks so much – I’m sure I will! Hope things are good with you.

      Sarah x

  9. March 31st, 2016 / 11:13 pm

    Aw really cute post, lovely pictures! I think you blog is really nice by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other!


    • Sarah Ann
      April 1st, 2016 / 10:24 am

      Hi Adele!

      Thanks so much for your comment. Would love to follow each other – will check your blog out and follow all your channels!

      Have a great weekend!

      Sarah x

    • Sarah Ann
      April 12th, 2016 / 7:55 pm

      Hahaha I wish I did! As a kid I would keep them till Christmas and sometimes they would end up in the bin!

  10. April 2nd, 2016 / 8:02 am

    I have been loving your updates lately! I don’t know how you’re managing to fit everything in! I’m not a massive fan of gin either but that Blackcurrent Bramble sounds delicious! I was in a bar the other night and spotted they do a cocktail masterclass, I think it would be SO much fun!! I’m sorry that your eye was playing up over the Easter weekend, I hope it’s better now! Lots of love as always xxxxxx

    • Sarah Ann
      April 12th, 2016 / 7:54 pm

      CHARLOTTE!! Ahhh! How are you?!! Thanks so much for posting! You have to try a cocktail masterclass – it’s so much fun!

  11. April 3rd, 2016 / 11:52 pm

    You must be the only person not loving Easter eggs, in fact I think egg shaped chocolates tastes better than normal chocolate! But each to their own! I attended a Body Shop party about ten years ago and it seemed a good little earner what I read up about it. The discounts are really good! I just don’t have the nerve to stand and talk about the products etc! x
    Amy at Amy & More

    • Sarah Ann
      April 12th, 2016 / 7:52 pm

      Haha I’m definitely in the Easter egg hating minority!

  12. May 25th, 2016 / 7:21 pm

    The food and cocktails sounds great, sign me up for the afternoon tea. Wow really I love Easter eggs although it depends on the chocolate.

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