The Love/Hate Tag!

The lovely sisters over at The Flower That Blooms nominated me for the Love/Hate Tag! Basically, you need to make a list of 10 Things You Love and 10 Things You Hate! And of course, my collage simply could not contain a photo of something on my hate list! Thanks so much Lauren & Rachel for nominating me!


1. Going to gigs – I love live music. Some of my favourite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Coheed & Cambria, Killswitch Engage & Trivium. There is nothing like the rush you get when a band you love appear on stage before you and start belting out one of their songs. Amazing!!
2. Cocktails – Won’t come as a surprise, haha! My favourites are Mojitos, French Martinis and Pina Coladas.
3. WWE Wrestling – I’m not into soap operas so I guess this fills that void! I’ve been watching wrestling for 18 years and I love it.
4. Reading – I’m a bookworm! I love fiction and non fiction. Nothing makes me happier than being buried in a book.
5. Shopping – I love shopping! Clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, make up, bath products, stationary or food, I love it!
6. Almond Butter – It is better than peanut butter!
7. Tea – I love, love, love, love, love different teas. Fruit tea, herbal tea, ALL TEA!!!
8. Dining Out – I meet with my friends a few times a week to try different restaurants. I don’t like seafood but I like trying new foods and cuisines.
9. Earrings – I own far too many pairs of earrings and the only time I am not wearing a pair is in my bed.
10. First Dates – Call me weird, but I love the first date rush! ‘Will he kiss me? Won’t he kiss me?’ A lot of my friends hate first dates but I think they are so cute!
1. Bad Manners – They cost you nothing – use them!
2. Cheese & Onion Crisps – I can’t even be near someone that eats them, the smell makes me want to throw up.
3. Children – OK, I don’t hate children but I am not maternal in the slightest and I am very comfortable knowing that I will never have children of my own. I like being the cool godmother but that is where it ends for me. So I’m putting kids on this list, haha!
4. Bad Hygiene – there is just no need for it, eew!
5. Snakes – They freak me out!
6. People that talk with their mouth full – Disgusting!
7. Going to the dentist – I really don’t enjoy it! Weirdly, my mum loves the dentist!
8. Feet – I am not a feet person. Don’t touch my feet, don’t bring your feet near me. Yeah, I don’t like feet.
9. Litter Bugs – Put your rubbish in the bin or carry it until you find a bin!
10. Sheep – I visited a farm as a kid and my cousins scattered sheep feed around me and I was surrounded!! I freaked out and threw the bag of feed I had at them and ever since, I stay away from sheep! (Not that I come into contact with sheep a lot but you know).
And that is it! I’ve chosen some lovely bloggers that I would love to see complete this tag and learn more about them: Tori, Sarah, Liz, and the lovely Julie! And in the comments below, tell me things that you love and hate too!!
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