Tea of the Month: September

I’m so glad Autumn is finally here. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons by far; partly because of the ridiculous amount of tea I consume (with no judgement!). There’s nothing better than snuggling under my Disney blanket with a hot cup of tea, listening to the wind and rain hit against the window. Or if I’m heading out for a walk (when the air is cold and crisp), I take a flask of tea with me. I’m very rarely without tea!

September’s Tea of the Month goes to a tea which I have been reaching for pretty much every single day (I’ve gone through two or three boxes throughout September alone). During my morning walks with the dog, this tea has certainly kept me warm and in the evenings, it has been the perfect as I snuggle up to watch a movie. It’s warming, comforting and makes me feel cosy – exactly what I need as the mornings get foggier and the evenings, darker.


My Tea of the Month is YogiTea’s ‘Green Chai’: a green tea blended with cinnamon, spearmint, cardamom and ginger.  Normally, I really don’t like cinnamon so I was a bit apprehensive about trying this but it is so yummy. I don’t find the cinnamon too overpowering; it works really well with the spearmint.  The flavours compliment each other beautifully and remind me of Christmas, which is always a good thing.

Each box contains  17 tea envelopes and as always, you’ll find brewing guidelines on the box. YogiTea recommend brewing for about 7 minutes, or longer to suit personal taste. I usually let mine brew for approximately 5 minutes which is enough for me.


I wish I could get a candle that smells exactly like this tea because that’s how much I love it. It just makes me feel so cosy. If you’re looking for a tea that is warming, aromatic and perfect for the colder months ahead (I swear snow is on the way), I highly recommend you try this.

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