Tea of the Month – July

It’s Tea of the Month time! I’ve been drinking a lot of tea this month as per usual (and a lot of my June favourite) but I have discovered a new tea which I really love and it made it to top of my tea pedestal! July’s Tea of the Month goes to Clipper’s ‘After Dinner Mints’ (20 bags, £2.25) As always, I’m doing to discuss the packaging first, then go onto the tea and to finish, tell you all why I love it so much!

I do like the packaging. Gorgeous dark green colour with light blue and green leaves (along with their signature tea cup design which appears on everything!). On either side of the box, there are two teaspoon drawings; one of which informs you that the packaging is biodegradable and can be recycled (nice touch Clipper!). I’m impressed that the packaging provides not only information about this lovely tea, but also jumps on the recycling bandwagon. However, this doesn’t make the box as sturdy as I personally would like but I’m just being really fussy now. The box still holds it shape and all the tea bags

Each of the tea bags comes in a little green envelope which again, I really like and is handy for travelling. It also helps to keep the tea bags fresh which is always a plus.  The tea itself is an infusion of double mint and fennel with a hint of ginger which gives it an ever so subtle kick  all the ingredients are organic)  It is an amazing after dinner tea, really refreshing and calms your stomach! This is definitely my go to tea after meals!

Mint tea is by far my favourite tea of all time and if you are looking for a seriously strong mint tea, this may not be for you (just warning you!). It does have a nice peppermint taste but you can really taste the fennel and spicy ginger coming through. The combination works really well though and I would definitely recommend it! It really is a beautiful tea to offer guests post pudding as opposed to coffee (better for them as well!)

So that is July’s Tea of the Month! I’ve been drinking it most evenings after my meal and highly recommend giving it a go! Thanks Clipper for creating such a unique tea!

Have you tried this tea? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below or you can tweet me @thingsarahloves. Oh, if you have any tea recommendations you think I should try that might make August’s Tea of the Month then please let me know too!

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