Tea of the Month – August

Hey lovelies!

Hope you are all keeping well and ready for September. It is time for another Tea of the Month! I love writing these posts because as you know, I love tea and even though I have been on holiday this month, I have found a new tea which I have been drinking a lot during the month of August.


I spotted this tea in Holland & Barrett and thought that it was a tea I had to try. I love coconut and I drink a LOT of green tea but I had never thought of putting these two together! Heath & Heather;s Organic Green Tea with Coconut is sold in boxes of 20 envelope bags (£2.49)


The packaging is simple, yet attractive. I love the colour, the coconut image and the fact that everything is kept simple. The box itself is durable and holds each of the tea envelopes in a very organised fashion (I am very fussy about this, weird as it sounds). The tea envelopes are simple, yet cute and perfect for travelling. I like that Heath & Heather has kept the packaging simple and let the teas speak for themselves. 


Brewing time for this tea is about 3-5 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea (some people don’t like green tea particularly strong but I do). On the packaging Heath & Heather promises to give you ‘a tropical taste of paradise’ and I can honestly say, they do exactly that! The coconut ‘kick’ doesn’t come until afterwards but it honestly is beautiful and leaves a nice after taste in your mouth. I know lots of people who don’t enjoy green tea (but want all the benefits) and I cannot recommend this tea highly enough to anyone who falls into that category. It is fragrant, calming and utterly delicious. The balance of coconut flavouring is exactly right and it is not sickly or too sweet.

I don’t grade teas out of ten (I probably should, that would be awesome, haha) but I am in love with this tea. 10/10 from me!! What I love most is that green tea has been paired with a tropical sidekick and even on a cold winters night, this tea has the ability to transport you to white golden sands and clear blue waters. I thought this tea would make a refreshing summer drink (and don’t get me wrong, it does) but I can definitely see the appeal of drinking this on a dreary, miserable day (which in Glasgow in August I’ve been doing a lot of!) Thanks so much to Heath & Heather for creating such an amazing tea! 

Have you been loving any teas recently? Please let me know in the comments below or you can tweet me @thingsarahloves


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