Scrub Love: Mint Temptation

When I got an email from Scrub Love asking if I’d ever used a coffee scrub, it genuinely got me wondering why I’d never tried one before. I love body scrubs; I’m forever looking for new scrubs to try. Although I’d starting noticing coffee scrubs pop up in Boots, I’d never really paid that much attention. I do like coffee (nowhere near as much as tea) but the thought of a coffee scrub just didn’t appeal to me.

Scrub Love very kindly offered to send me a scrub to try. When I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised to find they had sent me Mint Temptation (200ml, £12.95). I couldn’t wait to try it because as well as loving a good body scrub, I absolutely love mint (if you read my blog, you’ll already know about my obsession with mint tea). I was also really pleased to find out their scrubs are 100% natural and Rainforest Alliance Approved.


As well as containing mint (and coffee, obviously), this scrub contains: argan oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, peppermint oil and dead sea salt. All these ingredients work together not only to remove dead skin cells, but also to provide much need moisture and keep skin hydrated. Time to put it to the test..

Woah…this scrub smells seriously good! I was a bit worried the coffee would be a bit overpowering but the mint scent dominates and it smells amazing. Yeah, it’s a bit messy (reminded me a little of being a kid and been thrown into the shower when I was covered head to toe in mud) but it’s worth it. If ever I feel a bit stuffy (or have a full on cold), I’m using this. I’ve never used a body scrub that smells this good. I didn’t find it hard to wash off and it drained away without any fuss (always a bonus). Overall, I’m pretty impressed (and blown away by the smell).

My skin was left feeling soft and oh so tingly. For about ten minutes afterwards, I had a tingling sensation running down my arms (pretty sure that’s due to the peppermint oil; not that I’m complaining). I suffer from really dry, sensitive skin and it can sometimes be difficult to find products that my skin likes but thankfully, my skin seems to have taken a shine to this scrub.

You can also buy the scrub in original and coconut. I’d quite like to try the coconut but as you can probably guess, I’m chuffed to bits I got sent the mint. You need to try the mint!

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