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Everyone that knows me knows I love my tea so when I got the chance to review the new range from Dragonfly Tea, the kettle was boiled, mugs were washed and nope, I didn’t forget the coasters either.


Dragonfly Tea are a British company who have been sourcing and creating teas for over a century. They pride themselves on sourcing the rarest teas from around the globe (interestingly enough, they were the first company to bring teas such as rooibos and white tea to the British High Street) and only use natural ingredients. All of their boxes come marked with their motto ‘A cup of tea is a cup of life’ highlighting how passionate they are about tea. In a nutshell: they drink, sleep and breathe tea. Definitely my kind of tea company.

I was kindly sent their Pure Green, Citrus Green and Berry Green teas* to try. Each box is beautifully designed with their dragonfly logo – a symbol of ‘purity, vitality and harmony’.  The watercolour paintings on each box are so eye catching and in terms of packaging, this is easily the best I have come across (I take storage of my teas very seriously and having over two hundred, I should do!). The boxes open and close securely, keeping the tea nice and fresh which gets a huge thumbs up from me. Even before I had poured my first mug , I was impressed.

Pure Green


I start every morning with a huge mug of green tea and I honestly can’t think of a better way to start the day. So naturally, I couldn’t wait to try Dragonfly’s Pure Green (20 bags, £1.60). As the name suggests, it’s made up of nothing but ‘pure green tea’ offering a ‘pleasing, light China green tea with a delicate aroma and fresh taste.’ Dragonfly suggest allowing the tea bag to infuse for one to three minutes (the same goes for the other teas mentioned in this post) to suit personal taste.

I’ve tried a lot of green teas but this is definitely one of my favourites. Unlike some other green teas I have tried, I found Dragonfly’s Pure Green to be extremely fragrant and flavoursome. I’ve tried some green teas that were extremely bitter (although I don’t mind it) but this tea was so easy to drink and I actually found it to be really refreshing. In comparison to others I have tried, this is now my new favourite green tea.

Citrus Green


Although I personally love the taste of green tea, I know many people don’t like it. It’s definitely an acquired taste that takes some time to get used to but trust me, it grows on you. In saying that, I recently found myself craving a cup of green tea with lemon to find that I was out of lemons (I go through a ridiculous amount of lemons and limes but that’s another story). Sitting sulking in my Finding Dory pyjamas (had to get that in there, they are the coolest things ever and I don’t even like fish), I remembered I had my Dragonfly Citrus Green (20 bags, £1.60)

Dragonfly Citrus Green is described as being a ‘smooth green tea perfectly lifted by the natural zestiness of lemon and bergamot citrus.’ I’m usually pretty weary of citrus flavoured green teas because the balance never seems to be right: either the citrus taste is too sweet, too strong or far, far too weak. To my surprise (and delight) I have finally found a citrus green tea that is just right (kind of feel like Goldilocks here). If you’re looking for a pleasant, heart warming tea that reaches out and gives you a huge citrus hug, you need to try this.

Berry Green


I’ve been trying to encourage my sister to drink green tea but as she has a bit of a sweet tooth, it’s been one of my biggest tea challenges yet. As she reached for yet another spoonful of sugar, I decided it was time to try a cup of Dragonfly’s Berry Green (20 bags. £1.60) which is ‘infused with the natural sweetness of late summer berries’.  So I boiled the kettle and made one last ditched attempt to convert my sister.

After she got over the disappointment that the tea wasn’t pink or purple (I kind of wish it was purple too but not pink. I hate pink), there was silence as she contently sipped away at her tea – victory is mine! Usually I’m not a fan of berry flavoured foods/drinks because I find the taste to be really artificial but in this case, I found the berry flavour to be natural and rather delicious. The berry flavour did not overpower the green tea, but worked alongside it as a sweetener. If you’re not a fan of green tea because – like my sister – you’re looking for something a little sweeter, I would recommend giving this tea a try.

Having as many teas as I do, I was surprised that I had not come across Dragonfly Tea before but I am so, so glad I did. I’m highly impressed with their passion for tea (as well as their packaging and prices) and have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these teas. On their website, they have a large selection to offer and I’ll definitely be making a purchase soon. Loving tea is one thing, but getting excited about tea is quite another. Thanks so much Dragonfly!

Have you ever tried any teas from Dragonfly Tea before? 

*I was kindly sent these teas to review but nevertheless, all thoughts and opinion are solely my own. 


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