If I was to write a list of the top five states I’m hoping to visit in the coming years, it would consist of Florida, Florida, Florida, Florida, Florida. It’s not that I’m not open minded, adventurous or eager to visit other parts of America, but I do live in a Disney bubble that has never burst. It’s true, Walt Disney World is the happiest place on earth. And having been fortunate enough to visit the place where dreams come true six times, I would never turn down the opportunity to visit the Magic Kingdom just once more.

A few months ago, my sister gave me the opportunity to visit Colorado; a state I literally knew nothing about (other than a horrific murder happened there in the early 90’s – murder documentary obsessed). After a little bit of research – okay, there wasn’t much research because there’s no way I was going to turn down a free trip – my bags were pretty much packed and I was ready to go! We flew to Heathrow, did some shopping in London and boarded our flight to Colorado the following day. A ten hour flight and ninety minute car ride later, we were at what would later be known as the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen, The Broadmoor.

Did I ever think I’d be staying at a hotel visited by Prince Harry and Barack Obama? Not a chance. As we drove up to the main building at night, it was difficult to appreciate the stunning view before me. ‘I hope you’re ready to be pampered, because that’s what The Broadmoor does best’ were the last words to us from our driver (funnily enough, her dad was born in Clydebank. Doesn’t matter where in the world I go, there’s always a Glasgow connection in some form nearby) as we were ushered into a marble hallway complete with elaborate fresh flower bouquets. A free room upgrade later and before I knew it, I was opening the double doors to our…BATHROOM. There’s a sentence I don’t think I’ll say ever again.

One thing we made plenty of time to do was eat because with ten restaurants,as well as ten cafes/lounges, there was a lot of food to work our way through. One of our most memorable meals was at Play at the Broadmoor: a burger, a milkshake and hour of bowling. My burger was delicious (special shout out to the BBQ sauce, it was on another level) and as much as I wanted to have room for dessert (believe me, I tried), I settled for a mint chocolate chip milkshake. As much as I could have happily curled up on a sofa and snoozed for an hour, bowling was fun. As there were only two of us we got through a few games so I guess it was well worth the $50, even though I didn’t win.

As great as the restaurants were (minus the avocado toast with poached eggs and home fried potatoes I had at the Lake Terrace Dining Room; really wasn’t worth the $18 price tag), we both agreed our favourite meals were those we enjoyed in our hotel room.  On our last night, we ordered pepperoni pizzas with fries which were presented to us on a tray with complimentary chocolates and the cutest little bottles of Heinz ketchup. In fact, my sister said the pizza was up there in her ‘top three favourite pizzas of all time’ (and trust me, this is a girl who knows her pizza) which is a bold claim for her to make, considering she ranks most things at just above average on a good day. For me, breakfast hit the spot: warm oatmeal with plenty of brown sugar and an apple bran muffin I’m still dreaming about.

I’d like to say I burned off all the calories I consumed at one of the complimentary fitness classes on offer but alas, I forever missed my 5.30am alarm (my intentions were good) so I settled for a bit of shopping instead (and a trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo which deserves a blog post all of it’s own; going live next week). To be fair, I didn’t buy much but did treat myself to a few Kate Spade items (and being a tea lover, of course I’m more excited about my new travel mug than anything else) and gazed longingly at all the stunning jewellery so far out my price range it’s laughable. Still, you can’t expect a five star resort not to have shops with five star price lists.

But what makes the The Broadmoor five star? Is it their array of award winning restaurants and shops? The movie theatre? The golf course? The spa? For me personally, it’s the picturesque views. As I sat over looking the lake with a copy of Robert Harris’ Pompeii, the best chai tea latte in the world and a croughnut, I took the time to really take in my surroundings. An hour and a half later, I’d gone from page two to page six. And as I sit here at my desk with um…not exactly the best view Glasgow has to offer outside my window, I just wish I’d stared at those mountains a little longer.

If I had to rewrite my top five states now, Colorado would go to the very top of the list. And I’d be more than happy to stay at The Broadmoor again, I loved it.

Have you ever visited Colorado? Which state would you love to visit and why?


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  1. October 14th, 2018 / 6:36 pm

    Oh my God, this hotel and resort look incredible. I’ve been to quite a few states but never Colorado – I don’t think it’s at the top of most Brits’ lists when visiting America, but it looks so nice in your photos, I’m thinking maybe I should go there one day!

    Nic x

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