My Favourite Handbag Hand Creams

As a teen, I never used to pay much attention to hand creams and I barely ever used them. Yeah, on the odd occasion before bed I would apply a dollop of any random cream onto the palm of my hand and rub my palms together vigorously without a care. But as I progressed through my 20’s, my hands were badly calling out for hydration and before I knew it, I was obsessed with finding handbag friendly hand creams. Here are some of my favourites…

 The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream (30ml, £3.50) / Link

What could be better than your hands smelling of juicy mangos? Not much! This is probably the perfect hand cream scent for Spring and Summer which is one of the reasons why it had to make an appearance in this blog post! I imagine this scent could be a little overwhelming for some (you do really need to love mangos) but I personally love it as the warmer weather (hopefully) approaches. It is creamy, yet light, and doesn’t leave my hands greasy or sticky so it is perfect when you’re on the go. I also find it to be long lasting and I don’t find myself reaching for it all day so this really does go a long way! I can fit this into the smallest of my clutch bags and I think the design on the packaging is so cute – I love the little mango picture! OK, I’m easily pleased but this really is a worthwhile investment for your hands at a very low price. 

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (30ml, £8.00) / Link

The best thing about writing this blog post is the fact that it gave me an excuse to apply this hand cream again. I will openly admit that this is my favourite hand cream. What really makes this hand cream special is the fact it contains shea butter and cherry extract from Luberon, Provence. This gives the cream such an amazingly beautiful, yet delicate scent whilst softening my hands throughout the day. There is definitely no greasiness whatsoever and this cream sinks into my skin quicker than anything other hand cream I have ever tried. And again, this is the perfect size for any handbag. (Note: The photo is the size of the 10ml)

They are both lovely hand creams which I will be using all summer long but if I had to pick one, it would be the L’Occitane Cherry Blossom. It just feels and looks more luxurious and that makes it worth that little bit extra.
Let me know if there is any handbag friendly hand creams you have been loving that I have to try! Don’t forget that as well as leaving a comment here you can also tweet me @thingsarahloves

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