Lots of Laughs in Lanzarote!

Ahhh what a holiday!! Had so much fun in Costa Teguise and it was so nice to relax. Okay, so I don’t necessarily do relaxing that well but I’m not bad at it. It was nice just to chill and I may have enjoyed a cocktail or two!

All week the weather was pretty amazing (at times even too hot, can never win!) and mornings through to early afternoon were spent poolside reading, listening to music and taking dips in the pool (which was lovely!). It was so quiet and peaceful which was wonderful (one of the perks of an adult only hotel). And okay, the wifi signal was awesome…sorry! I can’t be detached from civilization for a week!

We went to this bar called Hook almost every day! Why, you ask?! IT’S A PIRATE THEMED BAR! Okay, to be fair the décor could be a little bit more creative (and none of the waiters were wandering around with parrots on their shoulder) but I loved the menu and every drink I had was delicious! I also had the BEST MILKSHAKE IN THE WORLD!

A ‘Wendy’ – Strawberry & Vanilla Milkshake
If you follow me on Twitter, you will know how much I love cocktails and Hook served up some pretty delicious cocktails indeed! I LOVED this Pina Colada and look at the cute pineapple jar (?!) it was served in! It took a lot of work to finish this because it was HUGE!!
Pina Colada
Ah my favourite cocktail from Hook was definitely the ‘Peter Pan’: Rum, Coconut Milkshake, Pineapple Juice & Blue Curacao. And how amazing does it look??!! So yummy!!
Peter Pan
It was a pretty chilled week and actually, I really enjoyed doing absolutely nothing (which isn’t usually like me at all). I couldn’t have lasted any more than a week there to be honest, it would have gotten far too repetitive! But I had a fantastic time with a fantastic friend and for a chilled break, I would definitely recommend visiting Costa Teguise! I have so many photos that I may do another post sometime if you want to see them.
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