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I love cereal. It is so quick to prepare and usually keeps me full until lunchtime. I can’t stand cereals that are chocolate flavoured or high in sugar (even as a child I would push the bowl away). Keeping my cereal loves and hates in mind, I was so excited to be asked to review Keep Me Going, a brand new cereal that sounded like it would tick all my breakfast boxes.

Keep Me Going (375g, £2.65, Ocado) comes from Freedom Cereals, a small company with big ideas on how to transform breakfast cereals, making them healthier and more nutritious. The cereal itself is made up from whole grain barley and oats in the form of little ‘pillows’. The amount of sugar has been reduced drastically in this cereal which I personally really like. For those who would like it sweeter, you have the option of adding fruit, honey, yoghurt (all of which work perfectly!). I was really interested to learn that this cereal contains sodium salt which gives the same flavour benefits as ordinary salt, but contains 60% less sodium. Keep Me Going is low in fat, high in fibre (with the barley and oats) and I’m personally really impressed with how much care and attention to detail has went into making this cereal as healthy as possible

I love the packaging! I really like the lime green colour: bold, vibrant and would definitely catch my eye surrounded by other brands in the crammed breakfast cereal aisle. The box itself is a good size, but exactly the right size to fit into my cupboard (I don’t like those cereal boxes that are too high to sit inside my cupboard. Call me crazy, but I hate them being on display – tidy freak!). I like the fact that the box gives you detailed information on the health benefits of ‘Keep Me Going’ and I personally found this really informative.. Are young children going to be attracted to the box over say one with a tiger or a monkey? Probably not if I’m honest but that is not an issue at all as they have thought of a clever way to get children on board! Inside each box, there are 3 Flag Trading Cards giving you facts and figures on so many different countries. Kids will love collecting them and using them to pay a similar version of Top Trumphs! 

I love this cereal! I can’t really describe what it tastes like. Kind of like Shreddies but not if that makes sense. (Sorry, I know that is no help at all!). I love that this cereal is so versatile and works in many different ways. I’ve enjoyed it just with milk and with yoghurt and either fresh fruit or fruit compote. I’ve found that a small bowl keeps me full until lunch and definitely gives me more energy. I think adults would really like it this and as for children, I would mix it in with their favourite cereal and gradually add more Keep Me Going as time goes on. 

Thank you so much to Freedom Cereals for sending me their yummy cereal. I really hope it is on supermarket shelves soon!

For more information, here are all the links you need for Keep Me Going:

Website – Keep Me Going
Twitter – @keep_megoing
Facebook – Keep Me Going
Purchase from Ocado – Keep Me Going
£20 off your first Ocado Shop – Here

What do you think? What is your idea of a healthy, nutritious breakfast? Will you be trying Keep Me Going? Let me know in the comments below or you can tweet me @thingsarahloves.


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  1. August 15th, 2015 / 12:14 am

    I love cereal too, i love coco pops at the moment =]

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