“I’ve always wondered what would happen if the world we knew changed forever”: An Interview with Author Ryan Mark

If you read my recent book review post (click here) you will know that I am huge fan of Ryan Mark’s Tremor and honestly can’t recommend it enough (there is a giveaway on that post which is definitely worth entering). Once I had turned the final page, I was interested to know more about Ryan Mark himself and I was so excited when he agreed to take part in an interview post. Thanks so much Ryan! So I put together 6 questions I was keen to know the answer to…

1. What made you start writing?

I started
writing as a means to funnel my creativity. Getting it all down on paper was
the easiest way to do this, and once these ideas appeared in writing I was able
to make sense of them, and realised that by combining them, I could create
meaningful stories.
2. Tremor is so gripping! Where do you get your ideas

Thank you! I’ve always wondered what would
happen if the world we knew changed forever, if society fell and the human race
had to start again. How would this change the world, and what would we be left
with? This led me to the question: What if? What if the world you knew was
destroyed? If the life you knew was torn apart? And it was from these thoughts
and my own imaginings that the story of Tremor was created.
3. Can you tell me about some of your favourite
authors and why you like them?

Marcus Sedgwick – his books pull you
in from the start and I really love the way he tells his stories, and how he
cleverly intertwines story and character. He is one of the writer’s who
inspired me to pick up a pen in the first place. 
4. How difficult have you found the writing process to
be? What did it feel like the first time you held one of your books in your

It’s hard for me to give an exact answer to this as I’ve felt all kinds
of emotions during the whole writing process, from sadness to joy, so I can’t exactly
say how difficult it has been! Really difficult at times, easy at times, and
even crazy at times! But one thing that I’ve found incredibly difficult is
killing off characters! It never gets easier…
And getting to hold your book in you hands for the first time… well,
that’s impossible for me describe too, and because I find it hard to put into
words, I’ve put a picture below to illustrate what it was like instead…

Photo provided by Ryan Mark
5. What advice would you give to other budding authors
out there?

Make sure you pace yourself. Don’t rush. Patience is vital. Writing
a book takes time. And please, don’t think your book will never be published!
There are so many options available to aspiring authors these days that giving
up is becoming a thing of the past – as it should!
6. When you are not writing, what are your hobbies?
a hobby as such, but I like to spend time with
my family as they inspire me and help me forget about my stresses. 

Thanks again Ryan! Have you read Tremor or will you be picking up a copy? Is it your lifelong dream to write a book? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @thingsarahloves


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