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When I was at school, I was awful at art and that’s definitely not an understatement. I had gallons of enthusiasm but not one ounce of artistic talent. Although my teachers appreciated my efforts, they quickly knew they didn’t have the next Van Gogh in their midst.

I’ve always loved crafts though: creating soaps/bath bombs, paper crafts and jewellery making to name a few. With the soaps and bath bombs, I’ve become pretty good and sold at craft fairs over the years. As for the others, I’ve picked up a few things but the beauty of crafts is that literally anyone can give it a go. You don’t need to be the most skilled because all you need is some crafty passion and well…sometimes a little pinch of patience helps.


Last week I was invited along to an event held at Paperchase to celebrate the launch of Project Craft.  Project Craft offers a range of craft workshops giving you the chance to make paper flowers, stationery, scrapbooks, pompoms and cards. They also run kids craft workshops too, giving them the chance to explore the world of crafting by creating their very own fashion accessory.

IMG_20160505_174642 (1)

IMG_-yxi4xlFirst of all, we made some gorgeous honeycomb  decorations. They look really complicated and difficult to put together but actually, the process was so simple! That’s the beauty of crafts! All you need is some tissue paper, a glue stick (or two), scissors, needle and a bit of thread. We were given step by step instructions and shown how to complete each stage before we tried it ourselves. I’m really impressed with how mine turned out.


Next, we made some really cool looking pom poms that when hanging from the ceiling, are so pretty. Again, they were so simple to put together and you can really experiment with colours to suit your personal style. Both of my creations taught me new skills and made me rethink whether I’ll be buying decorations for birthday parties etc again because how adorable would these look instead? Nothing beats the personal touch.

Thank you so much to Laura and her team for making me feel so welcome. Project Craft workshops run at the following Paperchase stores: Tottenham Court Road London, St Marys Gate Manchester and Buchanan Street Glasgow.  Workshops start from £10.00 (price includes materials) and you can book them online or in store.  I’m already planning to book myself into the stationery and card making workshops. You can find all the information you need here: Paperchase Project Craft 

I didn’t think my love for Paperchase could run any deeper. How wrong was I?

What sort of crafts do you love? Are you planning to attend any of the Project Craft workshops Paperchase offer?

Paperchase invited me along to try the Project Craft workshop free of charge. Nevertheless, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 




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