Glancing at my bookshelf, a third of it is filled with Stephen King novels. From Bag of Bones, The Green Mile, Misery and IT to name but a mere few, I’ve been reading and collecting King’s books since my early teens. I remember visiting the library with my gran and taking out Bag of Bones – the very first book of his I ever read. Did I go to sleep having nightmares? Sometimes, but it was so worth it. I credit King (not that he’ll ever know or care) with sparking off my love of horror and serial killer/murder documentaries. Yep, as morbid as it sounds I watch these as often as obsessed soap fans watch Coronation Street and Emmerdale. If there’s a ‘Whodunnit?’ to be found or an escape plot to be planned, I’ll read/watch until the bitter end. Believe it or not, I do enjoy a happy ending too.

When Mr Blues suggested we tackle an escape room with some friends, initially I didn’t show much enthusiasm which took him by surprise. The girl who would love to be a real life Poirot (minus the moustache), ranks Monkey Island and Broken Sword as two of her all time favourite games and has watched the first Saw film more times that she’d care to admit to, didn’t want to star in her own escape room? Solve the puzzles, overcome any obstacles in her way and escape in one piece? Nah. I’d heard of pirate and Harry Potter themed rooms and these just didn’t peak my interest. So he put that idea back on the shelf and it never came up again until we discovered Escape Reality.

And since then, it’s all I’ve been going on about. Based in Glasgow’s Merchant City, I couldn’t believe the most perfectly themed escape rooms for me were literally just a stone’s throw from my home. There’s a wide variety of rooms to choose from but my favourites would be: Alcatraz (can you escape from this maximum security prison?), Murder in Whitechapel (you’ve been hired as the lead detective to hunt down a serial killer) and Misery (can you escape the home of nurse Emily?) which won’t come as much of a surprise! Next on my list is definitely Enigmista which is apparently a must for all horror fans. Well, who wouldn’t want to wake up in a dark room and have 60 minutes to complete a variety of tests set by their captor in order to make it out alive?

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers because honestly, it takes away from the experience (although I’m happy to accompany anyone going because it’s literally me in element. Who said Disney was the happiest place on Earth?) but I’m definitely on the escape room bandwagon now thanks to Escape Reality. Their attention to detail and state of the art technology makes their rooms life like, interactive and creates as much – if not more – suspense and drama than you’d find in any horror film. Rooms start at £22.00 per person (based on two people playing) and the price decreases the more people in your group (maximum of six per room). Call me crazy, but I actually think this would be a great idea for a first date (is that too weird? It would have impressed me) or to bring friends together; if you all survive to tell the tale.

Which of Escape Reality’s rooms would you love to try?


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  1. March 15th, 2018 / 2:57 pm

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m so glad you went along and had a great time.

    I went last year (you can read it on my blog) and has the BEST time! Everyone was convinced we were going to totally kick ass and we ended up running out of time haha!

    Maybe we should organise a blogger one sometime?

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