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Does anyone else suffer from dry skin? I do and it is a nightmare. Throw into the mix that my skin is super sensitive (seriously, even splashing my face with water makes it go red) and it’s enough to drive me crazy! I suffer from eczema (not constantly, but it flares up now and again, particularly on my arms) and I do find that using a good moisturiser keeps this under control. The problem is finding one that works!

Weirdly, since my transplant my skin has become more dry (not just under my eyes, my entire face) and I was really pleased when Dermatique Scotland offered to send me some of their Recuperating Cream (100ml, £29.00) to try. Having extremely dry skin around my eyes made me lack confidence if I’m honest because my concealer would just cling to the dry patches for dear life and it looked awful!

I really like that the packaging is minimal and simple: white with a gold band and clear, bold black writing which makes it the perfect edition to my bathroom shelf (you may remember from previous posts that I love things being kept simple in my bathroom). Wouldn’t be too inconvenient for travel either as it is plastic (or you could scoop some into a smaller tub easily!) which is always a bonus. But when you (or a family member) suffer from dry or irritated skin, the packaging really does not matter (although I do like the simplicity!)

The cream itself really surprised me. I was expecting it to be a heavy, thick cream which it really isn’t at all. It is very light; almost a whipped texture (but not quite) and I’ve been applying to my face, arms and any other dry patches that have been springing up out of nowhere. The cream contains urea which has definitely helped my skin and combated lots of dry patches – I’ve even been using this around my delicate eye area! What I really like is that the cream itself is free from steroids, mineral oils and is colour, perfume and paraben free. As I mentioned above, my skin is really sensitive and this has definitely acted as a ‘calming agent’ leaving my skin soft, hydrated and nourished. I’m pleasantly surprised at how good the Recuperating Cream is. As well as on my face, I’ve been using this cream on my arms (life saver for dry elbows) and no dry patches have appeared which is very rare for me. 

What I have found is that even though this cream absorbs into my skin quickly, it can leave a slightly ‘sticky’ feeling if I apply too much (that is probably more my fault; I’m used to just lathering moisturisers all over my face and body!) and therefore, I would definitely recommend using a little at first and then more if needed. The stickiness did not last long (about 30 minutes) but if you are in a rush, that’s not great. So my personal advice would be to remember that less is more! (always a good thing anyway, lasts longer and great value for money!). 

And….I no longer have the problem of my concealer clinging to dry patches! During every check up, my surgeon mentioned the dryness under my eyes and it really got me down because I was trying so much (and everything he mentioned wasn’t working either. Although at my visit last week he didn’t mention it all and actually said that the skin under my eyes looked a lot better – YES!! He isn’t an easy man to please (the amount of times I’ve gotten into trouble when he has tries to take my eye pressure, haha. It is the most uncomfortable feeling EVER!!) 

I would definitely recommend this cream to anyone who has extremely sensitive skin or suffers from eczema – it is a life saver!  Dermatique have a great range of products to help tackle a lot of different skin conditions so it definitely worth have a look at their website if there is you (or someone you know) is suffering from a skin condition that is bringing them down. Their website also contains a lot of skincare advice which I found really useful. 

Thank you so much to Dermatique for giving me the opportunity to try this cream.I am so proud to be supporting a local Scottish company which is something I am really passionate about. 

What do you think? Would you try anything from Dermatique? Or do you suffer from a skin condition that really gets you down? Let me know in the comments below or you can tweet me @thingsarahloves. 

Dermatique were kind enough to send me this product free of charge to trial. All views in this blog post are my own and are completely honest. 


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  1. September 13th, 2015 / 8:30 am

    I sometimes get the problem of concealer clinging to dry patches under my eyes, it's such a pain! I can't really use waxy concealers, they have to be liquid. Sometimes the dry parts make the concealer go orange for some reason, too. This product sounds amazing, I'll have to try it if my concealer starts to cling again! Great post 🙂 xx

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