Crafty Little Hedghehog

I utterly love hedgehogs. I think it all started when I first came across Mrs Tiddlywinks from The Tales of Peter Rabbit. She always seemed so lovely and was at every single one of my tea parties. So when i got the chance to attend a  craft afternoon to enjoy tea, cake and make a paper hedgehog(??!!!), I literally jumped at the chance. The event was being held to raise money for the Red Cross which is a cause I was only too happy to support.
 I couldn’t believe how little was needed to make this cute little guy! (Yep, he is a boy and I named him Hugo). You need: 130 pages of an old book (with the spine intact), a piece of card for the base, scissors, glue, eyes and some extra book pages/paper for the leaves.
It all simply comes down to the folding! It was a little tricky at first but as you are repeating the same folds 130 times, it becomes so much easier. I was never good at art (and my artistic abilities are somewhat questionable) but I have fallen in love with Hugo.

 What do you think? Have you made anything creative recently?

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