Celebrate Christmas in Middle Earth

If there’s one box set that is top of my Christmas wish  list this year, it is the Middle Earth box set.  Like many others fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, I  did a questionable happy dance when I found out they were being released together in one complete box set. I’m definitely hoping to find them under the tree this year!

I first saw The Fellowship of the Ring (first in the LOTR trilogy) back in 2001 and fifteen years later, I still love it as much as I did all those years ago crammed into a packed cinema with my bucket of popcorn. From that day on, I was counting down the days until the next release date before I started praying that director Peter Jackson would bring The Hobbit to the big screen. Thankfully, I was not disappointed.

I always worry when books are turned into movies but I genuinely cannot find fault in any of these six movies – I love them. As with the books, I feel like I’m being transported to Middle Earth, accompanying the fellowship on their quest to destroy the ring or trying to persuade a young Bilbo Baggins that it’s time to leave Bag End and go off on an adventure. It’s as close to starring in them as I’m ever going to get but at least I get to do it from the comfort of my sofa and not fighting off orcs (not sure how good I’d be in that situation!).

In one of his final interviews, the late Christopher Lee (who also happens to be my favourite actor) stated that he was thrilled to have been cast in these movies because he believed they would be enjoyed by future generations to come.  I genuinely think that is the beauty of not only these movies, but also the books: they will stand the test of time.

Anyone that knows me knows that both of these trilogies hold a special place in my heart (I remember back to my teenage years when I had Lord of the Rings playing on my laptop and I was playing along with the accompanying game on my PlayStation – total geek!) so it will come as no surprise to any of them that this box set is top of my wish list this year. Even though I own The Lord of the Rings movies already, there’s something really special about owning the Middle Earth box set complete with all six films. I just hope Santa knows how good I’ve been this year…

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