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I love people who are passionate about their work. I don’t care what it is, but someone who has ambition, drive and follows their dreams is such a beautiful thing. When Suminder contacted me to tell me about her new company, Swapsum, her passion shone through and this perked my interest. If you love fashion and can’t resist a bargain, this will be right up your street! .

I asked Suminder what inspired her to start the business and her answer really make me think. Suminder, from Surrey here in the UK, buys a lot of Eastern clothing which is very expensive and can only be worn once. That made me think about how I much buy and wear once (or never wear for that matter!). The website is open worldwide so it allows you to explore different fashion cultures (which otherwise you may not have discovered) and pick up some hidden gems along the way.

I’m not personally a huge fan of Ebay and what I like about Swapsum is that it brings fashion lovers together from around the world all under one roof so to speak..The concept is pretty simple: Sell your unwanted clothes/accessories and let someone else give them a loving home. Registering is FREE, listing is FREE (Hurrah!!) and you get UNLIMITED FREE LISTINGS! If your item sells, Swapsum charge you a small fee (5%). It really is win/win!

Unlike Ebay, there are no bidding wars to be found at Swapsum. As a seller, you decide how much you want to sell items for and decide the postage!  As a buyer, you don’t find yourself caught up in some bidding war! I really like this because when I fall in love with something, I want to buy it there and then. And everything is done through Paypal which in my opinion, is always a good thing.

I really like this website. It is so easy to navigate and the categories listed (for womenswear, shoes, accessories etc) are all displayed clearly.  On the front page, you will notice that a selection of new items are displayed here (and very prominently!). I think this is a great idea and a real incentive to list items here.

Swapsum is listed in the Asian Wedding Directory and is growing from strength to strength.  But what I really like about Swapsum is Suminder herself. She is a friendly, hard working mum who always takes the time to chat. As I know myself, starting a business (or a blog for that matter) isn’t easy: it takes a lot of time, dedication and burning the candle at both ends! I wish Suminder and Swapsum the best of luck for the future.

You can view & contact Swapsum here: Website Twitter Facebook Instagram

How many items of clothing do you have that you have worn or never worn? Please leave a comment below, Email me at or Tweet me @thingsarahloves

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    • June 23rd, 2015 / 8:13 pm


      I think so too, it is a great idea and I'm definitely going to put a few items on there once I have a clear out!

      Sarah xx

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