Beauty Favourites: May

I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon and starting writing monthly favourite posts. I’m going to do three a month: Beauty Favourites, Tea of the Month and just a round-up of any other random favourites I have. Beauty favourites aren’t just going to contain make up products, but body, skin and hair care too – they all play a vital role in making me feel good. I love reading these type of posts and I’ve bought a fair few things because other bloggers have recommended them in their faves. So here’s a round-up of the beauty bits I’ve been loving this month:

Anastasia Brow-wiz


I have really sparse eyebrows and if I’m honest, I never really bothered with them until recently which I got an eyebrow shape and tint from Benefit. I’d heard such good things about the Anastasia Brow-wiz (£15.50) that I had to get my hands on one; opting for medium brown which I thought would be a good match for me.  I would say this is easily one of the best purchases I have made this year.

The pencil nib is so small which allows me to draw realistic brow hairs, creating a really natural finish (I hate the coloured in look).  It’s also a twist up pencil which is music to my ears because I don’t need to worry about having a sharpener close to hand and to date, the nib has never broken on me – not in the slightest. I’ve been using this every single morning without fail and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Does any other brow pencil come close to being as good as the brow-wiz?

MAC Patisserie 


When it comes to lipsticks, I’m going through a serious ‘your lips but better’ phase. If I’d been writing beauty favourites post for the past year, I could easily have featured MAC Patisserie (£15.50) every single month. First of all, I love the colour: it’s a gorgeous pink shade with a hint of brown and a dash of peach that really works with my natural lip colour. It’s creamy, comfortable to wear and like all MAC lipsticks, I love the smell! It’s quickly become my everyday shade that I automatically reach for without hesitation. Mr Blues always compliments me when I’m wearing it so everyone wins.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet


Even writing a beauty favourites post, I can’t resist mentioning tea. I’ll literally use any excuse to talk about tea . I really like The Body Shop Body Sorbets (200ml, £8.00) which come in a variety of fragrances but I hadn’t tried Fuji Green Tea yet (surprisingly!). I thought I’d already found my favourite body sorbet when the limited edition Virgin Mojito was released but I was so wrong.

The Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet smells so fresh, yet relaxing (probably due to the fact it contains Japanese green tea). I’ve been using this after my morning shower and if I have a bath in the evening, before bed too.  The scent lingers, but is it not overwhelming which I really like. If your skin is calling out for a much-needed dose of hydration (and you love green tea as much as I do), I would strongly recommend having a look at this little gem next time you’re in store.

Fab Little Bag


I’ve been really enjoying using these tampon disposal bags from Fab Little Bag* recently that I had to include them in my first beauty favourites post (okay, I know they are technically not a beauty product but let’s pretend). Having my period is unpleasant enough without worrying about disposing soiled tampons/sanitary towels. One thing I would never do is flush them down the toilet, that’s a big no-no for me.

Fab Little Bag offers an environmentally friendly, easy and discreet way to dispose of used tampons/sanitary towels. The bags are made from 35% organic material and are oxo-biodegradable. They are so easy to use that you can do it one-handed: open, in, close, bin. Using the two finger loops on either side to open, place the used tampon/sanitary towel inside, close it over (there’s an adhesive strip) and it’s ready for the bin. No panic, no mess, no fuss.

I really like the packaging and I particularly like the refillable wallet so I can carry bags on the go; even in a smaller handbag such as a clutch. I’ll be using these bags every single month now and I’ve already converted my sister.

Bathroom Pack (20 bags, £2.99) / refillable Handbag Pack (5 bags, £1.99)

And that brings an end to my first ever monthly beauty favourites post. Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Can’t wait to find out what June has in store!

What beauty products have you been loving this month?

*PR Sample. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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